Broken Windows for Kids

hey ho ...

if kindergarden is lousy ... what could you do?

... let´s go,

start a new broken windows project!

DIY do it yourself

organize 3 friends and have a secret meeting (for example behind the slide). build 4 instruments and get yourself a copy of the kindergarden house rules.


after the break, you enter the monkey bars and start what we call
"a performance" - you can invent a word or call it performance, too.

bong, pow, yeah

no one will understand you except the administration, but that's not the point, make sound, make noise, feel good.

oh no! no!

if you get in trouble with the teacher of your kindergarden - we say: have a showdown with the XO;
start a discussion about laws, more and better toys for all children, about your dreams, your favorite pizza, ..., but don't stop playing.

yeah! take a break

later you can make plans about a poster, with your names or something, and the hint:
that you and your friends will play again and again if something is wrong in YOUR kindergarden.
ask someone who is good in painting with crayons, we called the person: "the layouter".


maybe your parents will get angry because of your broken window project. ups, it was your decision to do so (this is called: freedom of choice).

no panic on titanic

now two fans of your project are becoming the legal department of your project. it will answer the preposterous allegations (this is called: conflict management). select a friend who is a yappy person and one who is as silent as the grave, together they will irritate the XO.

so far - so good

any questions left?
organize a "children-only gathering" in your kindergarden with all children, if someone has left because of illness, send him/her/... a copy of the protocol (this person is called: "the chief of protocol").

and please send us mail or drawings of your latest gig!

Siggi drawing from childhood times


Can a broken windows project be constituted of more than 4 people?

Yes, 5, 24, 100 people or even more - it is all possible.

We have no instruments in our kindergarden, what can we do?

Look around you - you can use many things to build instruments.

The XO likes our broken windows project very much, what's wrong?

Ehm ... that's ok, but please don't become a bmg-artist.

Are there more Broken Windows for Kids tracks?

Yes, for example the tale of Taumel Tom and Surplusprodukt im Märchenland and mondfalter. But we still need some time for the internet preparation , sorry.

What kind of children are you?

Broken Windows by Kurt Groening

We are children, but some of the older ones.

See ya!