Drehtür For Download

Why are we receiving so much spam comments advertising antipsychotic drugs? Sure, every music style has its dope: Rock tumbles on heroine, punk runs on beer, reggae and hiphop chills out on cannabis, electronic music moves on amphetamines. And Broken Windows’ post-avantgarde?

We never talked about drugs here before. What are the keywords that trigger medicine spambots to leave their blabla just here? Is it that you feel broken from your personal disasters and the developed electric life, that the lack of “ertragen” leads you to that special department with the white rooms?

Indeed, this is the fatal history of a young woman told on the CD “drehtür”. Unable to cope with family expectations, society demands and her own idealism, her courage was deterred.

But before you rush a panic buy, you have the possibility to listen to and download all tracks in CD quality now.